Javanese Wonders

Central Java holds (at least) two sites of tremendous cultural and historical significance, both of which are easily reached from the city of Yogyakarta. One Buddhist, one Hindu, one from the 8th century and one from the 9th. These are Borobudur and Prambanan. Equally impressive but in different ways for different reasons. These sites are a reminder that this area was once a Buddhist, then Hindu land, then Muslim (and perhaps more before and in-between). My main motivation was to see sunrise from Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist temple and one of the world’s must-sees (imho) but to my shame I’d never heard of the Hindu temples of Prambanan but I’m glad that I now have! Smaller temples are also to be found in the area and these are mightily impressive but are probably (literally) overshadowed by their bigger, better known counterparts

A couple of days in Jakarta to see the city then a flight to Yogyakarta
Candi Prambanan


Hi mum
Candi Sewu. A very impressive temple complex a short walk from Prambanan and there was nobody there! That always adds to the atmosphere and the experience


The structures have been destroyed by the usual suspects; earthquakes. This one seems to have been put together a little disjointedly
In fact the main temple is surrounded by the remains of dozens of smaller structures. They lie in piles in what seemed to me to be fallen Jenga towers


Back to Prambanan for sunset
The sky seemed divided in two; one red with sunset and one a normal blue. Very bizarre but very beautiful
Next day off to Borobudur for sunrise!
We arrived shortly after sunrise, as soon as the temple was open and thus avoided paying the extra fee for early entry but still enjoyed few crowds
View from the top


Hi mum (got to prove I was at both incredible monuments



Next up: Beaches and diving


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