Floating around Lake Inle


After having to trek for 3 days to reach Lake Inle the group decided that we all deserved to treat ourselves. Here we are enjoying Myanmar wine, cheese and snack, a sunset, a view of mountains and a lake and great company. I forgot I was in Asia for a while, thought I was in Switzerland or Italy or France 🙂
At first glance looks like any other wine until you see the outline of Myanmar. It tasted like any other wine too. Take that France 😛
An early start on the lake is nothing short of magical
Again I was reminded of Switzerland with glassy smooth water and a blurring between sky and lake
A famous sight of Lake Inle are the traditional fishermen. They catch no fish and are just for tourist snapshots
This is what a genuine fisherman looks like on Lake Inle. He uses a modern net, doesn’t do acrobatics and doesn’t have that large conical net trap
Around Lake Inle they seem to have a unique way of rowing by bracing the oar against their shoulder and manoeuvring it with their leg which engages the whole body
First stop on our lake tour was a local market
Lots of fish were available for sale; both dried, fresh and still flapping around
Later on we would visit a cigar workshop (rather actually it was cigarillos, though I care little for the distinction)
Much of life on Lake Inle is on water and everything is adapted to it
Local souvenir hawkers also take to the water
Passing kids on the waterway wave hello
The tin roofs shine blindingly bright in the morning sun and the hazy mountains provide a nice backdrop
A main ‘street’ in a floating village
A teak bridge and one boat
Rowing into town for the morning supplies
I also had time to visit the Kakku pagodas about 2 hours drive from Inle. This is an area with over 2000 pagodas


It’s a pleasure to quietly walk among them and listen to the sound of the bells on the top gently ringing in the breeze
There was also still time to visit another impressive golden pagoda

Next up: The Golden Rock and Hpa-an Cave Temples


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