Beautiful Bagan

In Bagan thousands of structures dot the dry and dusty plain in one of Asia’s greatest sights. I would say that it’s almost a crime if you don’t witness each and every sunrise and sunset of your stay there

There are literally thousands of pagodas in Bagan
Buddha is to be found everywhere in gold, clay, wood or stone
The best way to get around the vast area is by e-scooter. Motorbikes are banned for tourists


The skyline is populated by temples and pagodas
The star attractions of Bagan are the sunrises and sunsets. You can clearly see the bamboo scaffolding used to repair this pagoda after last year’s earthquake that damaged hundreds of structures
Sunrises are better than sunsets in my humble opinion
Although you might compose the perfect shot someone will enter into the frame (maybe with a smartphone) and ruin it…
…and that’s because you have to share the best views with hundreds of other tourists
And then the balloons came
A monk occupies the prime viewing location
In a slightly less majestic pose you will find me. Sorry I couldn’t post those amazing photos that you see from Instagram girls :p Notice the bare feet but long trousers and fleece top. It’s very cold in the morning but everyone must go without shoes and socks. Hi mum


Local guys wearing the traditional Myanmar longyi
I was outraged by this sign and it’s completely unnecessary use of commas
Temples everywhere


Sunset with my amazing travel buddies, Roxie, Henni and Nina
A Buddhist nun, in pink, leads a group of women into the temple
Detail from a temple. A dragon eating a horse?


A local woman works on a painting. It is a common sight to see women and children with thanaka, a cosmetic made from tree bark. I bought a small sand painting from her husband after some serious bargaining…only to later find out that I had paid at least double the going rate, d’oh!


A benefit of getting up so early to watch the sunrise was the fantastic view of the full moon


Another amazing sunset
Early morning sunrise watchers silhouetted against the sky
A single hot air balloon over the Bagan plain at sunrise
A hazy sunrise


The fleet of hot air balloons making their way across the plain

Next up: The Road to Mandalay and beyond


4 thoughts on “Beautiful Bagan

  1. I did commit a crime for not watching the sunrise during my four-day stay in Bagan — blame the weather though as it was rather cloudy early in the morning but always cleared up by the day. However, I did watch the sunset. That magnificent big round sun disk which looked like duck egg yolk, so beautiful and captivating. I went to Bagan a year before the earthquake, so to see that renovation works have begun is really encouraging.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah ok that’s understandable in that case! I can tell you I didn’t enjoy getting up in the cold and the dark but it was worth it! A real crime would be to see neither sunrise nor sunset. Yes encouraging to see the renovation, I hope they manage to finish it quickly.

      Liked by 1 person

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