The Annapurna Circuit II

Continuing on the road to Manang, my trekking buddies and I passed through some nice villages noticing on the way the changes in the landscape, vegetation, people and religion.

Starting out in the early morning allows you to walk in the cool of the day and gives you the most time as you start to lose light very early in the valley. At points the sun would disappear behind the mountains at 3 in the afternoon
Our first views of high mountains and my first close up of an 8000er. Manaslu (on the left I think…) is the eight highest mountain in the world at 8156m
Yak Attack! The herder asked me politely to move to the side…”no, no, go more…for your safety.” Those are big horns after all
Usually local children are happy to see trekkers calling out “namaste” “hello” and “where are you from?” But not today
Passed these happy women making strings of marigolds for a Hindu festival, which one I don’t know
As I mentioned in the intro, you can see how religion changes with the altitude. As you get higher, and coincidently closer to Tibet, you see an increase in Buddhist prayer flags, prayer wheels and stupas. By the way my original view of Nepal was that of a mountainous Buddhist nation but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The vast majority of Nepali are Hindu and only around half the country is mountainous
Before arriving in the metropolis (well it felt big anyway) of Chame we were treated to this spectacle of sunbeams seemingly emanating from the mountain ridges
Ryan and Diana befriend the locals
Cute little brother and sister
You may think I must have regressed to an infantile state but it was very cold at night and rooms were without heating so if someone offers you a blanket you take it, regardless of whether or not it’s a knockoff Hello Kitty one that says “Happy To You”
So many suspension bridges
Haimish and Diana spin the many prayer wheels for good karma
Diana, for some reason, takes the old, rickety bridge when there was not one but two new bridges to chose from
Vegetation started to change into beautiful pine forests. This part of the valley was one of the most beautiful of the whole trek
The way to Upper Pisang was incredible, better than Lower Pisang I’m sure
In Upper Pisang it was an early start to start the sunrise from inside a Buddhist monastery. It was great to see the monks go about their morning rituals
Smoke rises in the alpine air
Haimish and Diana sit and listen to the monks’ music and chanting
Hi mum. Annapurna II (7937m) in the background
Keep on spinning those prayer wheels
Buddhist prayer wheels, big snowy mountains, lovely little villages and beautiful weather; a perfect combination for good trekking
The village of Upper Pisang
Great views across the valley to high mountains on the other side
I encountered this old woman carrying something bigger than her. It seems like a tough life in the mountain villages
Transport by hand seems to be the preferred method for farmers
This upper trail had the best views so far on the trek. In fact the way from Upper Pisang to Manang was so nice that I’ll end now and pick up here next time with more photos

Next up (surprise surprise): The Annapurna Circuit III


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