Nagoya and Tokyo revisited

Just a quick post to round out my trip in Japan. I decided to visit Nagoya before returning to Tokyo to get my flight out of the country.

Nagoya castle is a nice one. It seems like the most famous thing about Nagoya is that it is the home of Toyota
Nagoya is the fifth biggest city in Japan. It’s not incredibly interesting from a tourist point of view but I was interested to see another Japanese city
Although not a usual tourist destination it was still a very pleasant city with wide boulevards and green leafy spaces
One of the must sees in Nagoya is the Science Museum. Initially I felt weirdly out of place because I was surrounded by groups of school kids going crazy on the interactive exhibits
Geek warning: it was actually really nice to see kids interested in science and having a fun time

Some of the exhibits were really cool to be honest (nerd!). Here is a robot inspection of a computer motherboard

Giant indoor tornado

Really impressive demonstration of Tesla coils


These guys were playing amazing jazz in Sakae in Nagoya
The most interesting thing I did in Tokyo when I returned was to check out this pizzeria recommendation from a friend (Connor Courtney to be precise). Connor told me this was the best pizza he’d had in his life. So I was looking forward to it for my entire trip in Japan
There is a choice of only two pizzas. The American couple beside me complimented the chef and said “this is the best pizza in the world. Better than anything in Italy.” Bold statement. I felt like standing up and telling everyone to calm down! The pizza was good though but to be honest I’ve had better…

Sorry to end my time in Japan on pizza but hey that’s life 😉


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