First taste of Japan: Tokyo

Admittedly Japan wasn’t originally on my list of countries to visit on this trip. I’m glad I changed my mind.

First thing to do in Tokyo is get something to eat! Here are my chefs (ha ‘my’) diligently working away on my meal
Ramen noodles with pork. A great first meal
Then off to Shibuya where you have this famous pedestrian crossing
Here are the people patiently waiting to cross (like everywhere in Japan)
And they’re off. This was the highest point I could get to take a photo. Thanks Starbucks
Not surprisingly people cross the road at the crossing. It’s fun actually. People love it
I met up with some Couchsurfers (great people) to go to a video arcade which was one of my main planned activities for the city (this was when I went a second time haha). I haven’t played Time Crisis in many many years 🙂 so much fun!
Then we visited Meiji Jingu which was my first Shinto shrine. I made a note to learn more about Shintoism as I knew next to nothing before
You can purify yourself by pouring water over your hands and face before you enter the shrine
You can write some prayers or wishes on small pieces of wood called ema and hang them in the shrine and the gods can receive them
It was nice to walk in the park and see a peaceful side of Tokyo
Still with the Couchsurfers we walked along the crowded Takeshita-dōri
We decided that we needed to get a group picture in a photobooth. Especially one that airbrushes your face and enlarges your eyes
I’ve never looked so beautiful haha with my wonderful lipstick
This little, authentic restaurant (maybe not authentic but at least no English menu) had pretty good ramen. I preferred how it looked from outside
“Sake traditionally has been a connection between the gods and people in Japan”. These are sake barrels offered to the gods at the Meiji Jingu shrine
Small observation: there are so many flyovers, bridges and elevated roads and rail. Seems 3D
Yeah more flyovers
Akihabara is a hub for all things manga, anime and electronic. It’s the crazy side of Japan
Two Fast Two Furious: Tokyo Drift. This is Shinjuku
I loved this little area in Shinjuku which had dozens of tiny little bars. Some are so small only 5 people can sit at a time
Then I had to take the Tokyo subway. I’m massively surprised by the metro. It’s not a single unified network but separate ones run by different companies. Too confusing for my little brain
Just a normal street in Tokyo. So clean and well organised
Sushi time! First sushi in Japan
This is the outside of the sushi restaurant complete with passing Japanese businessman
Time to leave Tokyo, time to take the shinkansen bullet train. Stupid tourist observation: all the rail crew bow to the passengers on entering and exiting the carriage, every single time
Quick view of Mt. Fuji. Quick is the word. The trains are super fast, especially when they pass, it’s a blur that disappears rapidly

Next up: Kyoto Culture


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