Part II: Hong Kong by night. The rare better sequel

Cities really come alive at night. Hong Kong is a lively city during the day so at night it really really comes alive.

I mentioned briefly the star ferry in my previous post. I really think this is one of the best short boat rides you can take anywhere
You can stick your head out and grab some pictures or just sit back and enjoy the view. Minor observation : seats are reversible too
The best idea is to time it right so that it’s getting darker and you see the city lights come on. Then you really begin to see Hong Kong at its best
Even better that you’re greeted by this guy on the other side
Really though the view from Tsim Sha Tsui is fantastic. Probably the world’s best skyline (sorry New York, Shanghai or wherever)
Even the standard apartment buildings offer an impressive sight at night
Along The Promenade many people come to appreciate the urban nightscape
It even sometimes has a party-like atmosphere with several bands. These guys weren’t very good. Sorry that’s harsh, they’re young and will improve 🙂
You can stroll along or just stop and appreciate the metropolis. I hope those are energy efficient lights
Hong Kong also has a big wheel for some reason. It’s almost as good as the one we had in Belfast :p
An elevated, covered pedestrian walkway is a easy way to get around Hong Kong
It helps you avoid the traffic and you don’t have to wait to cross busy roads…where are the cars? A seldom seen car-free scene
Some streets have a lot of traffic though
Hong Kong also boasts the world’s fastest escalator. It operates at light speed. Nah only joking but I did read that it is the world’s longest. It helps in climbing those hills in the 30+ degree heat. A real lifesaver
The alleys are steep but can offer little windows onto the skyline
Or you can take a taxi to negotiate the streets but you’ll probably be caught in a taxi traffic jam
Alternatively take a double-decker tram nicknamed ‘ding dings’. Or maybe that’s simply what they tell tourists
After the rain the ground reflects the light so nicely
From ‘The Peak’ viewing platform you have the world’s best city view (imho)
Many people clamber for the best selfie position. This time I wasn’t afraid of the height until I saw people holding babies and taking photos close to the barrier 😮
Hi mum!
I really love this view. You can really see the city light stretch on forever (or what seems like it)
Back to my comfy hotel for another night viewing platform


Next up: Tokyo


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